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Lost in Translation?

Part of our current national ideological impasse is that we don’t all speak the same language. Democrats, liberals and progressives speak the language of euphemism. Much of their ideological expression is in the form of mantras, slogans and clichés in adherence to the systems design principle “keep it simple, stupid.” Think “Orange Man Bad” … “Women’s Healthcare” … and that liberal go-to describing anything bad ... “Nazi”. At the root of each is the intent to manipulatively invoke a positive or negative emotional response through monosyllabic grunting and they have been very ... "successful". If only William F. Buckley had been pithy … right?! For too long, Republicans, conservatives and libertarians have allowed the Left to control the political lexicon … redefining words … declaring some words bad … and repurposing others like ‘woke’.

But, now Democrats have the added challenge of making sense of what their leader actually is saying themselves. It is remarkable that such obvious difficulty with cognition is met with so much self-destructively senseless indifference. Understand, your friends and neighbors who support this slow motion train wreck have no problem with the Party’s deception, national security concerns, or the obvious co-opting of their party by its radical forces that are burning our cities, undermining the rule of law, and waging a Neo-Marxist cultural revolution in our streets, in our classrooms and over our air waves.

You see, they’re okay with this because they think that it will relieve the self-imposed emotional turmoil created by their manipulated and malignant hatred of one man who dared to stand in the way of the destructive, redistributive, anti-hegemonic ideologies of eco-fundamentalism, socialism and the new world order. But, don’t misunderstand them. This isn’t about him. It’s about you and me. In all the argle-bargle of political “miss-course” … that much should be clear to you now. It was your vote they seek to overturn … and it’s your vote that they want you to put in the hands of a USPS union worker who has openly declared their allegiance to Joe.

It’s time for you to deliver your message of opposition in a manner incapable of being lost in translation. ___


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