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License to Abuse?

The Communications Act of 1934 … substantially updated in 1996 … requires that broadcast licensees operate in the “public interest, convenience and necessity”. The FCC currently operates under the same ‘public trustee’ model employed by its predecessor, The Federal Radio Commission (“FRC”) created by the 1934 Act. Since its promulgation, Congress, the FRC and the FCC have actively resisted defining ‘public interest’ which has resulted in the regulatory application of a somewhat amorphous standard. While there has been ongoing conflict concerning the nature and extent of this mandate … it should be clear to those of us with functional neurons and a modicum of sensibility … that broadcast licensees that suppress information concerning the trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children are not operating in the public interest and that those who do have violated the public trust. Disciplinary action should be taken against the licensing of ABC for suppressing Amy Robach’s Epstein story and the failure and/or refusal to take what evidence was in their possession to the appropriate legal authority. In turn, CBS should be disciplined for the conspiratorial firing of the ABC whistleblower then in their employ.

Whether we let this moment pass without justice will be … “civilizationally” determinative. Will we continue to allow those who are stewards of public resources and the reigns of government deceive us, exploit our children and our trust?

If suborning the trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of children isn't sufficient … when will it be serious enough to move you to take action?


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