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Liberal Stamp of Approval

Only the President could get Democrats to defend the Post Office. The Post Office has been the primary example of bureaucratic inefficiency my entire life. Now, Democrats want to use the Post Office as an electoral vehicle ... when accomplishing its own business plan has been in question for decades.

"Delacruz, who worked as a mail carrier in Chesapeake, Virginia, said he felt "pressured" and couldn't "make time" to complete his mail route, according to court documents. He told authorities that he rented a public storage unit for $49 per month for "the sole purpose of storing mail he could not deliver ... [T]he employee said he started hiding mail in November or December 2018 and he rented the storage unit in February 2019, according to court records. He said he put mail he was unable to deliver in the unit from that time up until he was discovered in May 2019."

What could possibly go wrong in November?


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