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Liberal Municipal Failure

Racism skeptic? Recent events have clearly established that we have deep seated problems in our cities. We can’t solve the problems, unless we understand what they are, who is responsible for them, and how they were created. Our inner cities have been plagued with decades-long dynastic Democrat leadership. This liberal entrenchment, largely facilitated through public service union support, has given rise to a system of corruption, poverty, violence, and despair. The cities with the most deep seated crime, violence and poverty are and have been controlled by Democrats for decades.

The root cause of these problems are deeply flawed public social welfare policy contrived to create a permanent underclass dependent upon government support. Like all inherently corrupt systems, liberal municipal government across America is largely failing. A closer look at the policy performance irrefutably tells the story of the failure of corrupt liberal social welfare policies.

It’s time for a change.


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