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Liberal Blame

This is the type of nonsense that continues to be circulated by the emotionalist serial hoax perpetrating Trump haters. A review of the actual time line and steps taken by this Administration factually refute each and every line of this high dudgeon nonsense. But, most revealing is the commentary about those of us who support the administration. This is the type of French Revolution emotionalism that created the 'circular firing squads' (guillotine mayhem) of the Reign of Terror. These people are not only wrong … they are dangerous. When you combine this misinformation, with the fear created by a pandemic, all manner of bad things can and likely will happen if they ever regain power and authority. Social media is full of their gloating and revenge scenarios.

Do not let this nonsense go unaddressed, and do not loose track of or forget the identity of these dehumanizers and the purveyors of this kind of hatred. They will be the ones that will turn on you, report you, and see that you are persecuted for your support and beliefs if they get the chance. I have repeatedly heard those kind of comments warning me to stop being so vocal. They have maintained their foaming at the mouth routine for far too long to be discounted or ignored. They've made their abiding hatred clear … and proven their determination.They blame you and the President for CoVid-19 deaths and all manner of other imagined offenses. They hate you. There is grave peril in ignoring them.

If you're waiting for their better nature to temper their behavior … you're going to be sadly disappointed.


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