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Lethally Viral Politics

I think most people have been able to rationalize the violence of the emotions and rhetoric of the Resistance … until now. While it has been obvious that this cadre of comrades is antagonistic to hope and provoked by optimism … the depth of their pathology has been unclear to many. But, we are now witnessing the manifestations of their ends justifies the means philosophy to the point of actual death. There is a significant number among us who are and have been willing to be the Disinformation Drug Mules of Big Pharma and Progressive oppression. You know them. They are the ones comfortably spreading negativity and disinformation regarding the efficacy and promise of therapeutics for purely political purposes, knowingly exacerbating our pain and suffering, to the point of death. They ignore the science. They ignore the evidence. The previous expressions of the violence of their collectively weaponized emotions … now take macabre form.

If they intentionally promote suffering and death by becoming obstacles to therapeutic treatments and cures for political points … imagine what they will do to their political enemies if returned to power. Exaggeration? I know. It’s easier to shoot the messenger. Understand, antagonized by hope, provoked by optimism, and insensitive to the pain, suffering, and excruciating death of others is a clinically lethal pscyo-maniacal combination.

There is no pill or vaccine to fix that …


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