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King of the Who?

Offended by the President’s reference to himself as “The Chosen One”? You take the bait every time. “The Chosen One” is not a messianic reference. It’s a Harry Potter reference. It’s an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" reference. It isn't a Biblical reference. But, it is the technically correct name for someone elected to high office and chosen by the people. The President clarified the reference at the time explaining that he was chosen by the people who elected him. I watched the comments live during my lunch. But, that didn’t get reported. Understand, “The Chosen One” is not a Biblical messianic reference. Even nominal Christians know and understand that Jesus was not “chosen.” Jesus was God. It was God who chose to clothe himself in earthly flesh to be the perfect blood sacrifice to close the divide between God and man created by sin. He chose to give himself over to the Roman soldiers in faithful fulfillment of His promise. He was not “chosen.” Candidly, if you’re a Christian and you’ve been acting out in disgust online, it is incumbent on you to correct your apostacy.

As for the “The King of the Jews” reference. Jesus did not call himself "The King of the Jews.” Jesus did not consider himself “The King of the Jews.” The Jews did not consider Jesus "The King of the Jews." “The King of the Jews” was a pagan Roman name given him at the time of his crucifixion. Naturally, it is now those with pagan "understanding" creating the current "theological" non-troversy.

Understand, as misguided as the President’s comment was … it is not a reference to Jesus. It is not a reference to the Messiah. It has absolutely no Christian theological significance whatsoever.

I’ll leave it to Israel and my Jewish friends to speak to the rest of it …


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