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It's a Trick ...

Democrats think the world is their tricky place. The latest playground for progressive public health bureaucrats is the Florida CoVid-19 test results putting Florida and Governor Ron De Santis in the liberal crosshairs. With a population of 25,000,000 (a large percentage of which are senior citizens) and CoVid-19 deaths at approximately 4,500, it appears that Florida public health bureaucrats and testing facilities have banded together to drive a political narrative, force a statewide shut down of Florida schools and small businesses by using the health, safety and welfare of Floridians to, ultimately, diminish the political prospects of Trump friendly Governor DeSantis ... still smarting from the loss of vomit and semen covered drug fueled gay prostitute orgy organizer and everybody's favorite Floridian 'socialist', Andrew Gillum.

Throughout the faux-CoVid-19-positive-case-escalation, the Democrat talking point has been about leadership … which is ridiculous coming from backers of child fondler, have to follow the bread crumbs to get home, huggy-letch, basement-bound, Joe Buyden. Understand my conservative friends, there is no limit to the fakery, fraud, deception, and injury that progressives will inflict to have their way with you.

Do you understand who and what you’re dealing with ... and what they have in mind for you?



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