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It's a Privilege

If you were improperly charged with a crime … and your attorney advises that the charges and procedure employed are fatally Constitutionally deficient and that he can get them dismissed without a trial … what would you do? Would you go to trial on the fatally flawed charges to prove your 'innocence' … which isn't your responsibility? Or would you have your attorney get the charges dismissed? If you foolishly decided to go forward on the false, improperly levied charges to prove your innocence … would you waive the evidentiary privileges that preclude your wife, priest, attorney, accountant and/or psychologist/psychiatrist from testifying? Probably not.

Why do you think the President should do all those things? Just because you hate him? You do know that's not a strategically or Constitutionally sound reason … don't you?

Or are you that far "gone"?


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