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Is it Constitutional?

There is a lot of talk these days about what is and what isn't "constitutional" ... and a lot of pretending about knowing the answer. But, the truth is, most people haven't actually read the Constitution or understand its meaning. This isn't because its vernacular is inaccessible, organization confusing, or principles complex. It just simply isn't required in school ... or encouraged in public life. But, that doesn't stop anyone from parroting the talking head of choice interpretation of its principles with authority when it suits them. The Constitution is a brilliantly contrived aspirational legal document articulating those principles and ideals necessary to foster the development of a truly free society ruled by, of and for the people.

Understand, it is critical to this moment in time that we all read, understand, and demand that our friends, neighbors, representatives and government bureaucrats understand and adhere to its principles. Those antagonized by freedom power graspers will discourage you from reading it. They'll challenge your ability to understand it. You see, they ... and they alone ... want to be the arbiter of its language and the wielders of its power. Remember, the document and the power of its principles and the government that it describes belong to you. It's incumbent upon each of us to wield that power ... and to do so ... wisely. #beingfrank #blueintheface #FMG #frankly



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