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ICE-y Reception

Confused by the sudden and growing animosity among Congressmen, Senators and federal bureaucrats toward ICE? Then you don’t know about the ongoing federal bureaucracy child pornography scandal that was first discovered in 2009 … was subsequently buried during the intervening administrations … and has been revived by the Trump administration in fulfillment of his campaign promise to pursue those that sexually exploit and traffic children. You will recall that the President declared during the campaign that “I will not stand by and allow thousands of innocent children to be trafficked and abused in the most horrible ways. Not on my watch!“ To the distress of the federal bureaucracy … he's delivering.

In May 2006 ICE identified 5000 individuals subscribed to child pornography sites as part of “Operation Flicker.” The Operation revealed that there were approximately 264 civilian and military employees of the Defense Department who had purchased or subscribed to child pornography using their Army or Fleet zip codes, military email addresses, and Paypal or credit card accounts. Some of the DOD subscribers had the HIGHEST POSSIBLE SECURITY CLEARANCE. In addition to the obvious legal and moral issues … this ‘behavior’ compromises National Security putting DOD employees at risk for bribery, extortion and coercion. These individuals include staffers for the Secretary of Defense, contractors for National Security Agency, and a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Reporting from Japanese news agencies indicate that some of the people identified by ICE and disconcertingly connected to convicted offenders are NASA employees and high level Democrat members of the House and Senate.

Since CNN’s Anderson Cooper last reported on this in 2011 … most MSM outlets have since scrubbed of all information about this investigation almost making it look like it never happened … until Trump. You're now being told to think that ICE should be disbanded for its treatment of children.

Think again …


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