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Unpredictable and troubled times can leave us feeling off balance and out of control. Naturally, we cling to, focus on, and sometimes even obsess over things we feel that we can control … even when they are ridiculous. Time was, that conventional hurricane preparation ‘wisdom’ called for taping your windows … until hurricane Andrew made it clear just how ridiculous that practice was. We see these types of behavior now with the self-created paper product and bottled water shortages, the paralysis attendant to this complete economic shutdown, and mandatory mask orders and lay person rubber glove wearing. Masks are no good if you touch them and don’t change them. Gloves cross-contaminate. But, wearing both gives people a false sense of invincibility and the illusion of control. I suspect that in hindsight we’re going to look at a lot of what has come to pass as futile as taping windows. The difference here will be the connection of these measures to intergenerational economic hardship, and a growing societal despair manifest by a horrifying increase in depression and suicide rates.

I think the key to dealing with a crisis is thinking it through to the best of your ability. Purpose to understand the virus and its properties. Endeavor to inform yourself about the advances in combatting the virus. Seek information about the true efficacy of the measures that others seek to impose upon you.

Understand, you can’t see the world clearly if you’re busy taping up all your windows ...

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