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Hollywood Racism

For racial inequality skeptics, you need look no further than Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. From award shows, to the dearth of stories about people of color, to the lack of faces of people of color on the big screen, racism in Hollywood is one of those open secrets … despite all the virtue signaling of the entertainment set. Notwithstanding often comparable or competitive box office receipts, actors of color don’t share in prominence, number, compensation or awards with their white counterparts. The Academy Awards is the butt of longstanding jokes about its 93 percent white and 76 percent male membership. Chris Rock refers to them as “The White People’s Choice Awards”. In 2015, the Academy was brutally satirized by host, Neil Patrick Harris.

From objectionable typecasting, to lack of leadership positions in the areas of creativity and casting, people of color have long lagged behind their white counterparts. Understand, your box office dollars continue to support this grossly inequitable system which makes you part of the problem. Is making pointed jokes about it the best that we can do?


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