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Hippy Neo-Marxism

I don’t like the “America love it or leave it” attitude or the rally chant. It is a sentiment that has been repeated throughout our common political history completely unrelated to race. As a child living outside Washington, DC in the 1960's and 70's, I remember seeing “America. Love it or leave it” on bumper stickers concerning the Vietnam War. It was largely a response to the political turmoil fomented by social and political radicals known as “hippies.” The “hippies” made no bones about their intention to fundamentally change America by revolution or subversion … while enjoying its relative prosperity. We are hearing much of the same rhetoric from liberals today. Democrat Neo-Marxist rhetoric is replete with advocacy concerning the necessity for a restructuring of all American social, economic and political institutions. You, see, the revolution has never actually died. The “hippies” simply found sanctuary in the academy. While there, they have irrefutably transformed the form and content of liberal education into ‘indoctu-cation’* where speech codes control the conversation, history is viewed as superfluous, and traditional notions of Constitutional fair play and substantial justice end at the registrar office door. What we’re now seeing is a surge by the ideological progeny of ‘60’s radicals to finish the job … by revolution or subversion … armed with their emotional bunker bomb … "offense."

This isn’t about color. It’s about Marxism. It is as predictable as it is regrettable. You see, history does actually repeat itself and the fact that you don’t see, know or understand it simply proves my point.

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