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Hillary 'Quixote'

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Hillary Clinton has been making the talk show rounds, tilting at windmills, and hinting that she may be tossing her hat in the center ring of the Democrat nomination circus. You see, Hillary is certain that she can beat Donald Trump … ‘again’. I am constantly amazed at how easily, frequently, and successfully Hillary misleads the American people. You would think by now that she … and the rest of you … would understand that ‘this’ isn’t a ‘democracy’ … and that the popular vote won’t move Hillary and Bill back into the White House. It was in grade school that we first learned … but have since forgotten … that America is not a ‘democracy’. The Founders believed that a ‘democracy’ was nothing more than ‘mob’ rule. The Founding Fathers ingeniously contrived a system that guarantees that the entire country has a more equal say in the selection of a national leader. The Electoral College System was contrived to obviate the possibility that a single populous state, group of states and/or region would or could control the election process by electing a ‘favorite son’ who would represent his home state or region at the expense of the other less populous parts of the country. The Founders gave us a ‘representative republic.’

Understand, selection of a president who did not win the popular vote is not a new thing … and despite the Henny Penny prognostication(s) and Electoral College dismantling apologetics of Leftists … it has yet to yield catastrophic result. (1800 Thomas Jefferson / John Adams; 1824 John Quincy Adams / Andrew Jackson; 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes / Samuel Tilden; and 2000 George W. Bush / Al Gore). Remember and appreciate that the Electoral College System was the Founders’ hedge against ‘mob rule’ … “where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” Thomas Jefferson fervently believed that the best defense against tyranny and loss of freedom is an educated electorate. Jefferson was right. Today, we see how the perfect storm of a low information electorate, unscrupulous ‘leaders’ and a complicit media have spawned a movement toward the abrogation of Constitutional principles where each day the High Priest of Anti-Trumpers, Adam Schiff, performs a daily ritual sacrifice of the faith and trust of the American people in the cloistered quiet of the Schiff Skiff Temple of Impeachment.

Perhaps it’s time put your emotions aside … stop indulging Hillary's impossible dream ... critically re-evaluate your sources of information and reconnect with the genius of the principles, processes and procedures employed by the Founders to conceive, protect and serve the greatest form of governance and catalyst for the spread of true freedom the world has ever known.


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