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Heart Break

While I have tremendous respect for much of what Ruth Bader Ginsburg accomplished as a woman, a lawyer and jurist ... I don't for one minute believe that any person is so important that they should be granted an alleged "dying wish" that stalls the work of the Federal government and places our electoral process in jeopardy. Candidly, I found her terminally ill octagenarian clinging to power thing somewhat disturbing. But, that is only second to the disturbance caused by those who demanded that she continue on for their imagined and selfish political purpose, illness and tremendous suffering notwithstanding. The pressure had to have been tremendous ... always on her "A" game at 80 plus press releases notwithstanding. I found it heartbreaking.

... and save me the lecture on age-ism. My great-grandfather, Martin Mulhall, Esq., practiced law until he was 94 and at the time of his death was the oldest practicing member of the Bar for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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