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Heard About Herd Immunity?

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning update: Ok MSM altogether now...breathe in, breathe out...repeat..ahh doesn't that feel better. My heart goes out to the Sun-sent and PBP with headlines reaching apoplectic proportions including a particularly heinous one yesterday in the SS, one of the worst I've seen in my life. Enuf of that. Actually better today in the tri-county area. State wise M&M conditions have worsened slightly, but remember (MSM, remember) we are dealing with very small numbers for such a populous state. Hospitalizations have improved in PBC especially and with stable deaths, despite the uptick in positive tests, I'm wondering if we are nearing HI in our county. Dade is stable but Broward is still deteriorating slowly in the sense that hospitalizations continue to rise significantly but deaths are stable. The best news, which you won't hear from the MSM is that the death rates continue to plummet with state and Broward in the 1.6 range and PBC ready to crash through the 3.0 all counties, daily MSM, repeat after me....daily lows...great news. Let's see how our outlier, deaths, rise or fall over the next several days. Today is the first day in months I have been encouraged by data coming out of PBC where we have reached 15% HI. My hypothesis is that we are close to the effective HI, if not there already. Let's prove this one way or the other next week. _____

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