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Heels Over Head Shakedown

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Ummm ... It's all getting ... tiresome. Government induced shut down, contrived middle class economic despair necessitating the liquidation of a life time of investments to save businesses and supplement dwindling or non-existent income as these sharks scarf them up at distress sale or lucratively betting on the downside of their misfortune. It should be a cautionary tale for these captains of industry otherwise filling their pockets with the profits from their government mandated virtual mercantile monopolies. But, for now, it's the same old story. While most are used to the fact that from time to time those of the requisite power, position and privilege turn the everyday rustic upside down by the heels and shake the money from their pockets ... this is different ... because people are smarter and better informed and tired of the serial tsunami of economic and political cheating and deception.

Understand, that this is the stuff that revolution is made of. I am pretty certain that the variety of populism that this round of heels over head shake downs will give rise to won't be one worked out only in the voting booth. We see that now in the response of those armed men and women mounting the capital steps in Michigan and other states. While most think that they are simply selfish idiots ... they miss the socially and politically fatal implications of their insensitivity to the underlying motivation ... slightly inebriated and oxygen deprived by woke masked driveway Chardonnay sipping 'socials'.

Don't say you weren't warned.


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