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Hashtag Nihilism

I find rhythmic sloganeering an assault on the intelligence of the electorate. I recognize that I am virtually alone in this. The latest liberal rhythmic rallying cry is a hashtagian assault on sense and reason … #votebluenomatterwho2020. I find this hashtag fist e-raise and shake deeply troubling. In a conventional year I’d be less concerned. But, this particular stable of Democrat “Survivor” candidates who have yet to be voted off the island are nothing more than closeted socialist revolutionaries belched forth from the bosom of the inside the beltway political elites professing “fundamental structural change” while ‘scrupulously’ protecting their own power, position and privilege. The ability for an American to view Socialism as a valid socio-eco-political alternative is nothing short of alarming. This appears to be an expression of predominantly millennial thinking. It wasn’t long ago that being labeled “Socialist”, sounded a person, group or party’s death knell. But, no longer. We now confront the possibility that the other candidate in a national Presidential election is a Moscow honeymooning avowed socialist muppet … and that the other Democrat Party nominee competitors are only a click or two more to the center of Sanders in their policy proposals, articulated principles and objectives. This should answer the question as to why there is never an American flag in plain sight during the Democrat debates and why they openly find such offense in it. Understand, the flag and the principles for which it stands are anathema to them. This is the only point of common agreement.

For the rest of us who remember middle school social studies before 1990 … that are not laboring under the blind hatred of Trump Derangement Syndrome … we understand history’s final irrefutable conclusions about the blood thirsty tyranny of socialism. For those with functional neurons and a balanced sense of the prospect of real political peril, the idea of #votingbluenomatterwho2020 is frighteningly gut-wrenching. Each time I see the hashtag invoked in a “triumphantly defiant” way, I picture the invoker walking off a cliff and trying to drag me over it with them … and you should, too. You aren’t imagining what you’re seeing. Progressives have skillfully weaponized the carefully cultivated malignant political rage concerning Trump to blind their adherents to sense and reason and lay them open to the possibility of the type of fundamental change that has been the world’s greatest source of the repression of human rights and genocide. What most seem to miss is, that with it, will come the necessary and almost immediate loss of those freedoms articulated in and guaranteed by the Constitution. Those who wonder should stop scratching their guessing heads as to why there seems to be a tsunami of effort to undermine free speech, the right to self-defense and the due process and equal protection of the law. Know and understand that these principles are our fundamental guarantees against tyranny. Socialism requires they fall out of favor and be dismantled. Beware that those advocating this ‘fundamental structural change’ are the people who seek to deprive you of these protections by rage tricking you out of them. If you “think” Orange Man is bad … wait until you really meet the “Red Menace.” Ask any of the 110,000,000 victims subjugated and killed by the democide wrought through the attempt to implement this inherently evil ideology.

It is said that a recent poll indicates that most millennials believe that ‘socialism’ has something to do with governing using ‘social media’. Is this by whom and how our fate is to be determined? Exterminated by the stylish pose of the children whose education we’ve neglected and handed over to destructively progressive radicals who have romanticized tyranny in the hearts and minds of our own progeny? Understand, my millennial friends, socialism will not allow for your ownership of a $700.00 disposable phone … and will inevitably leave you needing a wheel barrow full of money to purchase a loaf of bread … and we’re not talking gluten free.

If you think I’m exaggerating … consult modern day oracle googling “Venezuela.”

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