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Gut Punch

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman has denied the existence of Antifa ... calling it a 'myth'. Democrats love to force you to agree that the things that you can see, hear and smell are something they are not. They love to call a thing by another name. "Choice". "Peaceful protests". It is the party of euphemisms, slogans and cliches. But, this contrived disingenuity is destructive to the republic. What are you doing about it? The battle for our constitutional republic is waged. Where are you ”patriot”?

Democrats foment violence, sedition and treason ... and Republicans, conservatives and libertarians largely sit quietly on the sidelines impotently planning their voting booth revenge, neither sensible of or sensitive to the roll that their quiet irresolute invisibility has played in the current unrest or the nature and extent of the true peril. It's time to change that. Disagree? Is it that you are too lazy ... or too afraid?



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