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Globalist Carly

In the Mug Collection Pantheon, 'pen cup' is the ultimate demotion ... and being relegated to the "makes-me-laugh-awky- desk-top-collection" is widely considered an 'in-Frank's-mind' position of disgrace. You may recall that in the previous election cycle, I was an ardent Fiorina supporter. But, that all changed long ago. Her post election exile to self promotion obscurity and her cup of Joe every morning place of honor in my life has long past its inevitable expiration date. As my understanding and awareness of the true nature of our present struggle evolved ... I didn't feel that it was important to speak of it. Carly not being in a position to do actual harm with so few actually paying any attention to her. But, since I'm being deluged by gleeful "See-even-Carly-hates-him" friends contacting me with the news of her big public spotlight middle finger moment ... I felt 'compelled' to speak.

What divided Carly from my political affections? My conclusion that my 'first-female-CEO" friend is a globalist. It wasn't that I didn't already know that. But, my understanding of what that means has evolved, deepened and changed. It was largely the realization that American globalists have been colluding to export our wealth, jobs, and economic hegemony. The light went on when the President so easily reversed what all had been convincingly telling us was the inevitability of a post-industrial economy. Trump has proven them liars. That's largely why they hate him. It was a contrived plan and the planners promulgated and executed policy to make it happen. It wasn't a mistake. It wasn't economic evolution. It was economic revolution ... by incremental surrender. What you now see going on daily with the Neo-Marxist

Resistance unabated is just a continuation of those efforts to bring America to its knees and redistribute its wealth. Globalism shares those objectives. They are allied ideologies.

You see, Making America Great Again is anathema to the globalists and their anarchist neo-marxist allies who have been working deliberately to degrade it. My problem with Carly is the same as the problem that I have with every other globalist President, Congressman, Senator, diplomat, and bought and paid for with foreign aid and defense department budget intelligence community money laundering deep state bureaucrat. She's on the wrong side.

I see that now and feel like we dodged a bullet.


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