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Penthouse to Shit-house

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Democrats have not only denied the President basic procedural due process protections, but they have resorted to using strong arm bullying tactics against Executive Branch witnesses. The Democrats have denigrated and misrepresented the nature and legal effect of the objections by Executive Branch employees concerning the assertion of Executive Privilege and their right to counsel.* The Committee has been issuing letters that assert that the failure to comply with a request to appear (without subpoena) “shall constitute evidence of obstruction.” State Department official have been threatened with withholding their salaries should they refuse to comply with the Committee’s written request for deposition.** Understand, Executive Privilege is a meritorious legal objection in this context. Attempting to force a waiver by threatened abuse of process is a tyrannical republic tipping-ly egregious act.

But, you see, the Democrats’ ongoing campaign to undermine, thwart, disregard and trample our fundamental Constitutional rights isn’t an accident. It is a necessary condition precedent to the ‘fundamental systemic change’ that the clown car of race to the Left wealth redistributionist climatageddon infanticidal Socialist candidates are warbling about to the amusement of ‘useful idiot’ Antifa supporting selfie taking millennials … progressive Malibu gated coastal enclave dilettantes … pre-war Museum Mile Adjacent townhouse doyennes ... and minimalist glass box above the fortieth floor cocktail party poseur masters of the universe.

If Democrats are not careful … they’ll find themselves going from their beach-houses, town-houses and penthouses … to the over-crowded shit-house where they put the rest of us. _______________________________ *Letter from Eliot L. Engel, Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, et al., to George P. Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of State 1 (September 27, 2019). **See Letter from Eliot L. Engel, Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, et al. to John J. Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State 2-3 (October 1, 2019).

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