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Friendship in the Time of CoVid

Friendship in the time of CoVid-19. I think most people would say that it is the relationships with friends and family that are most important. But, is that true? We live in a time where we have been manipulated into being divided … apart from one another … carelessly discarding people and relationships that were once important to us because we don't agree ... and that any disagreement with our own opinion is fundamentally 'evil'. We have been convinced that we can’t and shouldn’t be in relationship with people that don’t look like us, think like us, or that think fundamentally evil thoughts.

I think that at the heart of the inclination to give in to it, is the belief that disagreement constitutes personal rejection … and that rejection does violence to our self-image. This is understandable given the often insulting way that some of us express our ideological disagreement. Maybe if we keep the discussion focused on the issue, the facts, the science and the data … the notion of disagreeing wouldn’t be so threatening and our discourse wouldn’t be so uncivil. Just a thought ... _________


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