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During Defense Secretary, Mark Esper's press conference today, he confirmed that no tear gas or rubber bullets were used in Lafayette Park contrary to the inaccurate and inflammatory reporting of the mainstream media. More Fake News circulated by the media regarding this event that has been the source of endless strife on the streets and among 'friends' on social media. Their plan is divide and conquer. It's working. But, don't just stand there. Push back. Here are some links that you can copy and share when you reference the Esper's Press Conference.…/media-falsely-claimed-violent…/……/park-police-say-protesters-near-trum…/… __________________________ FMG is researching 'official' fact checking 'certification'. It's interesting how the cloak of the authority is ... 'conferred'. Looking forward to reporting back to you. In the interim ... we've assumed the mantel and are using a variety of notices on public and private posts. Join us in pushing back on the lies.


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