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FMG Facebook Live Event

We tried our first Facebook Live event streaming the Democrat Convention from the feed. Aside from the technological issues ... and we're working on them ... it was distressing. The political left and right live in alternate universes and the one of disinformation that I wandered into last night was distressing to say the least. I shouldn't have been surprised given what has gone on for the last four years. The hysteria. The lying. The disinformation. The deep state struggle for political control.

My conclusion? We're in a struggle for the survival of the Republic and it is largely being waged by and through disinformation from the Left. The lies about the pandemic, the Russia-gate 2 quality of the discussion concerning the Post Office, and the lies from the former First Lady's own mouth about the origin of cages and the war on peaceful protesting. It was Orwellian.

Understand my conservative friends, the Left will say and do anything to regain power and advance its socialist-globalist-eco-fundamentalist-wealth-redistributionist agenda. If you aren't clear about their intent to punish their political opponents given the depth of disingenuous dehumanization ... you're only kidding yourself. ____


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