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Flipping Conservatives the Bird

The greatest challenge facing conservatives is and always has been the lack of strength of conviction. When the Technocratic Oligarchs censored the Leader of the Free World … it should have been a wake-up call for conservatives. But, it wasn’t. Foolishly, I expected tens of millions of Americans to walk from the platforms and media sources that were not only censoring … but persecuting conservative politicians, thought leaders and private citizens. But, they didn’t and they haven’t … and it appears likely that they won’t. With each day that passes, there is news that Twitter and Facebook have deleted more conservative accounts. Sadly, there is little to no attempt by conservatives to stem the tide of their elimination from the public-square which is largely filled with socially and politically delusional hysteria.

Understand, your subscriptive lurking isn’t harmless. The business model of all social media platforms rises and falls on the number of subscribers, views, clicks, likes, etc. These analytics determine advertising rates and consequently are directly tied to the revenue and financial viability of a particular platform. There is no such thing as passive social media platform participation. If you are a subscriber, they profit from your subscription. Your social media company is politically persecuting conservatives … and you continue to assist them with your support. Truly there is strength in number. The question is … among whom are you being counted? Understand, you can have the last word, here.

Make it ‘good-bye.’



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