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Flip Twitter 'The Bird'

Twitter has always been a mob scene. Full of threats, libel, and menacing behavior of all kinds. I believe it largely has to do with the sanctioned anonymity of account holders. Years ago, when I was an active Twitter user, I posted about a bill in Congress that would undermine the progress made in the fight against child sex trafficking and abuse. I tagged a number of thought leaders, public figures, and celebrities who were raising money and advocating for similar causes. One of them was the editor of a prominent publicly held feminist magazine.

Offended by my "temerity" ... she turned her followers loose on me. I later found out through private message from someone who knew her personally who felt badly about what was happening to me that her editor friend was "offended" by my open identification on my account as a "Christian Attorney." Despite my repeated public requests to cease and desist, it wasn't until I emailed a demand letter to her in her capacity as editor of the magazine advising that if she did not cease and desist, that I would sue her, individually and in her capacity as Editor of the magazine ... and the magazine, as well, given that she was carrying out her harassing and defamatory behavior from the magazine's twitter account. "Miraculously" ... it stopped.

Twitter is a no-man's land. It always has been. That's largely the attraction in this Age of Derangement. I'm convinced that it's part of the business model. The suggestion of suspension out of principle is a joke to anyone who has spent five seconds on a Twitter feed. From CCP officials ... to terrorist groups ... to blood thirsty ayatollahs ... to anti-Christian magazine editors ... violent ideation is the order of the day at Twitter. Let's not pretend we don't understand what's going on "here." But, take heart. You have the last word.

Make it 'goodbye.' #blueintheface #FMG #BeingFrank #deletedivest ___

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