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Fleeced by Pelosi

For months we have all be subjected to the crazy-making of mask Nazis and liberal mayors and governors shutting down businesses, destroying livelihoods, and even incarcerating those who fail and refuse to comport with their unconstitutional mandates. My Facebook feed has been filled with liberal friends encouraging others to report people who don’t wear masks in public places to report them to the police, their employers, and out them with retributive video and menacing stalker-like behavior. Today, one of their party leaders required CoVid positive representatives to return to the Capitol that has largely operated in a required test and mask free zone to vote for her so that she can maintain her head lock on power … and they did it notwithstanding the fact that Congress has essentially been absentee throughout the pandemic leaving the citizenry without economic relief ... while at the same time that a bill is being introduced in the New York legislature to provide the Governor with unilateral authority to involuntarily detain those who have been exposed to ... or carry the virus.

I haven’t seen any outrage expressed. By either side. What the hell is wrong with everyone? BAAAAAAAAAA .... BAAAAAAAAA! #blueintheface #BeingFrank #FMG ___

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