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Fifth Candle

Tonight ‘we’ light five candles … one for each book of The Torah. The first candle for Genesis, the 'beginning' and the Covenant. The second candle for G-d’s revelation in Exodus. The third candle for the guidance of Leviticus. The Fourth candle for the resilience of community chronicled in Numbers. The Fifth candle for Moses’ proclamation of G-d’s law in Deuteronomy. Six centuries of human history chronicled as a witness to and affirmation of G-d’s faithfulness.

Confident that there is life in The Word of the Living G-d. Five is the number of 'protection'. Know that, "[H]e who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand]. (Psalm 91:1, Amplified).

Praise be to G-d.

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