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Festival of Lights ... the third candle.

Tuesday, December 4: Tonight I will join my Jewish brothers and sisters in lighting three (3) candles for the three (3) promises made to Abraham fulfilled in, by and through the persons of Isaac and Jacob. The first candle for Abraham, in honor of his courage in abandoning the worship of false gods, his steadfast faith in God and His promise. It was by and through the acceptance of God’s blessing that the b'rit (covenant) between God and the Jewish people was first established. (Genesis 12:1-4). The second candle for Isaac, God’s greatest test (the ‘Akeidah’) of Abraham’s obedience. Though a child, Isaac did not resist Abraham’s binding him in sacrifice. Isaac was courageously, obediently and selflessly united in God’s purpose with Abraham. (Genesis 22:1-19). The third candle for Jacob, ‘who wrestled with God’ and was His ‘champion’ (Genesis 32:22-32). Jacob was given the name Israel (Genesis 32:38) and lived to father a great nation in fulfillment of God’s covenant with his grandfather, Abraham.

Three (3) is the number of both ‘stability and completeness. God’s covenant with Abraham was comprised of three (3) promises. (Genesis 12:1-4). The obedience, courage and strength of the three Patriarchs brought stability and completeness to the pursuit of God’s call on their lives and the fulfillment of God’s promise(s) in, by and through each of them for His honor and glory.

Praise be to God.

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