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Fake News

Corruption. The only thing that is clear about this election is the open and notorious collusion between the Democrat party, big media, big tech, the pollsters, and the tweet tweaked mass hysteria of American liberals, in an unprecedented conspiratorial effort to silence and mislead the American people. Our governmental regulatory agencies and oversight has proved itself largely disinterested at best ... collusive at worst. It's time for Republicans, conservatives and libertarians to come out of the shadows, fight for the First Amendment, and seek justice for this legal and moral outrage that strikes at the very core of this country's principles.

Some will say this is nonsense. They are the same people who have lied, perjured themselves, cheated and stolen from the American people for the last four years as they spared no delusion or expense while trying to undermine the Trump Presidency and this country. Their opposition has largely politely refuted them and purposed to disprove them. The time for polite refutation is over. #blueintheface #FMG #BeingFrank ___


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