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Episode Two is Here

It occurs to me that the politics of climate change is so ... complicated ... because intimidation is the overriding factor. It's the discussion that purports to pit the smart people against the dumb people and it's not always easy to identify one from the other. It's difficult to reason with people who see themselves as Super Heroes locked in a struggle to save mankind and the planet from imminent death and destruction. In Episode Two of "Blue in the Face" we discuss the politics of climate change from a conservative perspective ... because frankly ... it's nearly impossible to engage in a sane discussion on the topic without being dismissed once it is established that you don't agree with climate change orthodoxy ... or that you are unwilling to overlook the folly of the Green New Deal. Wondering why so many Climate Change Super Heroes are afraid to have their assumptions challenged?

We hope that you'll join us by clicking on this link .


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