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Election Scramble

It's time to out Joe Biden and his enablers. After fifty years of public service, Joe Biden has no legislative or leadership accomplishment to show for it. The Democrat machine drafted him only when it became apparent that their field of progressive misfits wouldn't have sufficient 'star power' to win the general election. Since his anointing ... Biden has been co-opted and moved to the left by the Neo-Marxist and Nieman-Marxist Progressive Democrat Party radicals ... which has proved to be of little challenge to them given his diminished capacity and the grasping principle free ambition of the true Edgar Bergen to Biden's Charlie McCarthy ... ushering in a new era of "McCarthyism for Dummies".

Joe Biden's election raises the very real specter of everything Democrats have been projecting onto Trump for the last four (4) years. An incompetent President ... controlled by unseen forces seeking to destabilize and move this country toward a collectivist totalitarian regime. You can always tell what the Democrats are up to ... because they accuse you of it first.

Joe's a bad egg. Times up. ___

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