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Election Day

It’s election Day. It’s finally here and I’m going to indulge myself with a few election predictions. First, this is the most consequential election cycle of our time. The choice has never been clearer, and I think with that will be some consequential party demographic shifting. Second, I think that the polling has been wildly inaccurate in large part due to the general inclination of all media outlets and pollsters to disfavor the President as reflected in the statement of the polling inquiries, and outcome driven assemblage of focus groups. Third, there is an irreconcilable disjunct between polling and what and who we see at the campaign rallies, 100 mile long road rallies, spontaneous boat parades, and online rally participation. The President always has and continues to draw unprecedented numbers of people … and the chants have morphed from “Four more years” into a politically unprecedented populist “We love you.”

At the voting booth I expect that we will see: (1) unprecedented numbers of blacks and Hispanics voting Republican; (2) a large percentage of the approximately 50 million voting age Evangelical Christians who sat on the sidelines in 2016 voting Republican; and (3) a larger percentage of college educated suburban white women concerned about law, order, and the re-opening of schools voting Republican. I have informally been keeping an eye on campaign rally turn out online. In addition to those tens of thousands consistently in attendance … there have been tens of thousands watching online. I watched in amazement last night as the online rally attendance held strong at 40,000 plus on the youtube live feed I was watching.

While the numbers of those projected to have voted by mail or early are high … I predict that there will be unprecedented numbers at the polls today. All day. Hardcore MAGA don’t vote early and they don’t vote by mail. They vote in person on Election Day. They don’t talk to pollsters. They don’t post online. They are hardworking Americans who love their families, country and President. Today is their day to speak.

Are you listening? #BeingFrank #blueintheface #FMG ___

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