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Economical Lies

JOBS: Democrats want to blame Trump for the Coronavirus induced economic dislocation. The suggestion that Trump is responsible simply isn’t true. The global economy has experienced a downturn induced by CoVid-19. The good news is that there are significant signs that the economy is bouncing back. It is important to remember that prior to the virus induced global economic dislocation, Trump Administration policies were responsible for: the repatriation of over one trillion dollars in corporate resources parked overseas by signing the TCJA; manufacturing job growth at the fastest rate in more than 30 years; repeated serial Stock Market record highs; median household incomes at the highest level ever recorded; record low African-American unemployment; record low Hispanic-American unemployment; record low Asian-American unemployment; record low female unemployment rate (65 year low); record low youth unemployment (50 year low); and the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded. The President’s Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to training more than 4,000,000 Americans.

The Trump Administration knows and understands how to stimulate the economy and create jobs and will do it again as we re-emerge from the pandemic dislocation. ___


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