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Economic Emotionalism

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with questions concerning re-opening the economy is the emotionalism tied to the false choice of choosing a friend or family member to die ... or open the economy. While I understand the point, the sensitivity to the human toll of the epidemic that this 'choice' purposes to draw attention to ... is insensitive to the human toll of joblessness and financial ruination ... and ignores the necessity for the measured balance of considerations required by our current situation.

Regrettably, our media continues to conspire to weaponize the emotions of the 'refusing to think it through' crowd. During my daily dog walks I regularly encounter my fellow dog walking neighbors at a safe social distance. Duke and Layla see to that. On more than one occasion, I have encountered sheer 'panic'. In response, I inquire where did you hear that ... or what made you so upset? Lester Holt's name is more often than not, mentioned. Lester is the NBC "News" anchor du jour.

I hope and pray that we all conscientiously weigh all the bona fides of the situation ... that we purpose to think for ourselves ... and that if we are going to outsource our thinking ... that we make better choices than Lester Holt and NBC News.

But, that's probably not "news" to you.


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