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Eco-socialists uniformly believe that capitalism prioritizes profit for the global ruling elite, is wastefully focused on growth “at any cost” and is the cause of "our" current ecological crisis. Consequently, capitalism must be globally dismantled by a sustainable collectivization of power in the multi-racial and ethnic left who are currently exploited and oppressed by environmental racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia and homophobia. Their goal is to create a free, just, nonsectarian, and equitable society by healing the wounds of capitalism. Eco-socialists believe that balancing the needs of people and the planet is the only way to heal the rifts between people and the earth’s ecology. For them, it isn't simply a pose … it's revolution.

Understanding this gives context to use of the word “resistance” … the strategic prominence of the “racist” battle cry … and the attack on consumption, the accumulation of wealth and income inequality. But, most importantly, understanding their true agenda should inform your vote. It's about system change … not climate change.


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