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There is a name for that person you know who won't tolerate a discussion concerning 'climate change'. It's eco-fundamentalist. An eco-fundamentalist is the member of a social movement who is an advocate for the dangerously illogical elevation of environmental conservation and ecological improvement above democratic principles and the Natural Rights of Man. The hallmark of an eco-fundamentalist is their irrational intolerance in the face of reasoned questioning of their "scientific" assumptions and eco-mantras. You see, questioning is regarded as a form of blasphemy.

These global salvationists are profoundly hostile to capitalism, the market economy, and conflicting data. They are quasi-militant advocates of “green protectionism” which calls for the imposition of trade restrictions against those countries which fail to agree to curb their carbon dioxide emissions. Understand, this is purely a political agenda linking system change to climate change.

Recognize anyone you know … ?


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