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Dropping Episode Zero

'Episode Zero' of "Blue in the Face" drops tomorrow. I'll be posting the link to the audio/video file. The question of hosting was a tough one. Given the over 60 obstructive and baseless copyright violation claims lodged by youtube against our channel (which contains 500 plus videos)* ... we'll be hosting it on both the 'being frank ...' blog site at ... and our corporate site While it may appear on our youtube channel ... we certainly won't be 'promoting' their platform.

We live in perilous times. ____ *Alleging a copyright infringement claim is a common way that these platforms obstruct the free flow of information ... tying up the content in appeals ... demonetizing it ... and wasting the resources and patience of the poster. A number of the pending claims concerning our channel were never the subject of a proper notification. We procure the proper licensing for all the materials in our videos that are not produced by our firm. ___

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