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Do Something!

Candidly. I’m not enjoying my pandemic experience. I think it’s the rancorous politicization of everything from: the epidemic modeling inputs; the hyped presentation of viral statistics; the smartest boy in the class Monday morning quarterbacking talking points about ‘lack of leadership’ and liberal ‘fault’ pose; the authoritarian constraints on liberty in the name of the public health, safety and welfare; Big Pharma drug mule disinformation and politicization of specific therapeutics; and the frightening media and liberal adoption, repetition, and seeming conviction concerning blame the President Chinese Communist Party talking points.

I don't know about you, but, I'm not willing to stand by and watch all that we've worked for be trashed ... whoever and whatever the cause. While the medical professionals get on the therapeutic, curative, vaccination strategy, the rest of us need to start pursuing a better understanding of what's going down and why we're going down with it. While I do want to be responsible ... I'm not ready, willing, or able to lay down and succumb to ANY competitor, government, political party, CCP member/troop, the WHO, vaccine-profiteer, vote suppressor, never waste a crisis asshole, or any other person who stands to gain advantage from the misfortune of my family by destroying my business(es) and/or finances. I think most frustrating in all this is the willingness of friends, family and neighbors to co-operate. It’s nothing short of conspiratorially diabolical. “Normal” and “informed” people would be mounting the Capitol steps with torches and pitchforks long before this in the face of: the $47,000.00 per Congressman Coronavirus pay hike; the costly pork handed out to solidify their power base and further their political agendas; and their practice of ignoring the needs of their constituents.

I have watched in wonder those who are now protesting in various places around the country. The civil unrest is mounting. Can you feel it? Understand, this is the objective. It’s a contrived provocation. You know, like toilet paper shortages. Tyrants only need an “excuse” to crack down. As the situation becomes more precarious, it’s time to send a message to our state and local leaders and our representatives in Washington. (Now you have something to do today.) I know that I'm not alone in being resolved that it shouldn't and won't be easy on anyone who has behaved in their self-interest to protect their power, position and privilege to the detriment of the public health, safety, well-being and financial security of our families. Those of you who still pretend that they haven't quite gotten the gist of the struggle ... give the rest of us a break.

All of our lives and livelihoods depend upon it.

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