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Designer I-Scream

Understand, it isn't an accident that Nancy Pelosi is home eating designer ice cream stored in her $25,000.00 refrigerator while small business languishes. She and her compadres secured themselves a $47,000.00 raise, doled out $1,200.00 to those paying it, spread some pork around to their supporters, and have held up additional funding for small business relief. Small business is the greatest engine of individual freedom in this country. Big government Democrats, liberals and progressives rely on citizen dependence of big government and big business. You see, it's all about control.

It's not an 'accident' that Democrats are refusing to provide additional small business relief funding. The failure of your business and mine will assure them greater control and redound to the current President's detriment. It's an embarassment of riches for the liberal misery merchants. These parasites feed on the misfortune and misery of their constituents. It's their 'business' model. It's not about solutions ... it's about creating dependence to protect their power, position, and privilege.

Wake up.

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