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Democrats Biden Their Time

I think the most dangerous thing about the Democrat party is their willingness to believe things that simply are not true. It would be cliche to list all the liberal hoaxes ... and exhausting to hear how they aren't really hoaxes, responsively ... notwithstanding all the evidence to the contrary. The latest liberal hoax has to do with the political power of James Clyburn and the miraculous turnaround by the Biden campaign. Most egregious about this electoral leger de main is the exploitative defense of the mental competence of Joe Biden. It's unconscionable. Here is the latest example of the latest indignity suffered by Biden at the bidding of his 'handlers' … who are facilitating this debacle for their own profit and the amusement of the opposition. In this film clip ... Joe Biden is calling for the re-election of Donald Trump.

We have a moral obligation to protect people from exploitation due to infirmity. This is a sorry statement about our society on a number of different levels. Shame on the people who continue to exploit this man's condition for their own political purposes from handlers, to contributors, to supporters. You put us all at risk. In the words of adolescent climate change high priestess, Greta Thundberg, "shame on all of you."


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