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Debating Our Fate

I watched the third Democrat Debate last night. It was the best evidence of the Project Veritas undercover reporting’s proposition that Jeff Zucker is obsessed with his hatred of the President … and that CNN ‘reporters’ have been tasked with presiding over his destruction to the detriment of all else that is, was or may be newsworthy. The fix-is-in handling of the Biden situation by Anderson Cooper proves that CNN has devolved into propagandist intelligence community Deep State TV. The round robin of Trump insult inducing questions were embarrassingly contrived … and the ready answers … scripted.

The most enthusiastic audience response of the night was to the announcement of the debate’s conclusion. It’s the first debate conducted against the back drop of crickets chirping. The lack of an audience response throughout the evening was a deafening affirmation of how I have long suspected the seismic leftward Democrat shift is being received in middle America. Politicians and coastal cocktail party opinion and style makers have been so caught up in the pink pussy hat storm the Capital Hunger Games Trump Resistance movement … that they have cast nary a backward glance to see if the liberal hoard is following them with their torches and pitchforks held high. Last night made clear … they are not.

For all the utopian rhetorical flourishes of Comrades Bernie Sanders and I-am-a-capitalist-despite-all-indications-to-the contrary Liz Warren, it should be clear to everyone that we can’t afford their “plans”. Understand, these plans aren’t contrived to raise all boats … they are calculated to sink them. Economic collapse necessitating the bail out and nationalization of one sector of the economy after another will bring immediate ‘structural change’. That's the 'plan' ...

The Winner: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. She called out CNN to their faces for reporting that she is a Russian spy to sink her candidacy. Gabbard is an ongoing profile in liberal courage. I don’t agree with a lot of what she says … but, I can trust a woman who is willing to sacrifice her life for the love of her country. I wish her the best of luck.

The Loser: Never-Trumpers, RINO’s, undecideds, moderate conservatives and unhappy Trumpublicans looking for a place to hide. There is none to be found … and it was clear last night that no one on the Left is even trying to court you.


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