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Debating Confiscation

The Democrat debate was unabashedly replete with the rhetoric of confiscation to the uproarious applause of the repeatedly touted diverse University of Houston crowd. Confiscatory taxes. Confiscatory gun policy. Confiscatory health care (taking your private insurance and decision making). Confiscatory social policy … eroding first amendment rights to free speech and worship. Confiscatory immigration policy … that dismantles law enforcement and robs America of its sovereignty. These ‘policies’ aren’t predicated upon American ideals. They are antithetical to the ideals of liberty and freedom embodied in the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution.

It is time to stand up to progressives and their mainstream media co-conspirators. The battle is for the hearts and minds of low information voters, our indoctrinated youth and those who have been relegated to a permanent underclass by broken liberal social policies. Understand, they have brought the battle to you. The question is whether you will rise to the occasion in this moment as a citizen leader by speaking up, speaking out, and stepping up and into the ranks of those on the front line of the battle. You have the freedom to do nothing … for now. But, I think that it would be a mistake to underestimate the urgency of the situation and the current appetite for tyranny.

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I understand-- and it does frighten me!

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