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Data Without Doctoring After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 7/28/2020

Nightly bed report. A very slight worsening of ICU beds, which Dade and Broward can ill afford with beds still available in the largest hospitals though. When you hear from the MSM about hospital ICU beds full, these are all small hospitals, with little capacity for any influx. General bed situation sl.worsened which one would expect with the onset of a new week, but beds are quite available in all three counties, esp. out west in Broward and all of PBC. As an example, for ICU beds, 7 hospitals in Broward are full, but available ICU beds in the larger hospital run from 5.56%-25.35%. Dade has 3 hospitals ICU full with .52%-27.27% ICU availability in the larger hospitals. State ICU bed availability is from 16.49% to 18.2%, only a slight tightening. Increased covid admissions noted in Dade, sl. increased in Broward and decreased in PBC over the past 24 hrs. We continue to hold our own, with these numbers pretty much the same at this time last week with daily fluctuations noted during weekdays. This imho is consistent with a busy "season" and I'm glad this is occurring now and not during the busy season!! Will probably reach our first calculated HI point in Dade and PBC this week, at which time I'll adjust to the higher IFR of .30 and see how it goes. My guess is that we'll have to go to an IFR of at least .50 (low end of most published rates) before we see any sustained decreases in M&M. Not great, but more importantly, not terrible!! ___

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