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Data Without Doctoring After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 7/25/2020

Nighty Report: Continued sl. tightening of ICU beds in Broward, upwards of 94% utilization, with 89.9% in Dade and 73% in PBC. General beds are widely available, again more, the farther north you go in the tricounty area. Statewide, sl. improvement in ICU bed usage (19.1% available) with 23.5% available general beds. Covid bed usage rock stable. Broward continues to be the hot spot, if we're gonna use that label. Although general beds are plentiful, my guess is that these ICU beds are occupied by the elderly and infirmed ( pre-existing condts.), as the county has been the epicenter of NH covid involvement in the past. Rather than shutting down commerce in the county, Broward needs to target mitigation to the NH/ALF community although I'm not sure much more can be done. Some estimates run as high as 80% mortality of all cases in this group, although the established incidence of 50% seems more plausible to me. Closing beaches and commerce will be for naught. The better policy is to maximize ICU bed capacity until this pandemic runs it's course. There still is capacity in the county out west and I'm certain more capacity can be created in those facilities nearer the coast. Outside of Broward ICU, stable to improving conditions prevail!! ___

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