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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Take the MSM headlines and consider the exact opposite!! Bed situation improved in all three counties this am and this is a noticeable improvement. This includes both ICU and general, with ICU beds still tight but with sl. improvement in Dade and Broward and noticeable improvement in number of available general beds. PBC for all intents and purposes, seems to me to be in no danger whatsoever for both bed types. The above statements are based on review of EXACT numbers. As for percentages, general/ICU beds occupied: Dade, never reports, Broward-82/88 (not critical), PBC 74/74(not critical). I am excited to see if my hypothesis of decline of cases in PBC due to attainment of herd immunity comes true.

Oh I'm getting too old for all of this excitement. The dashboard today has virtually doubled all of the M&M data. Just even copying it gives me conniptions. Examining the county data and combining this with the actual bed numbers from this morning, paints a different picture than that portrayed by the MSM. (Tell me something I didn't know!!). All in all, status quo with perhaps sl. improvement. Beds in Dade and Broward, both ICU and general, continue tight but with noticeable improvement since yesterday. PBC looking really good. Sorry to see deaths uptick in PBC but hospitalizations have clearly diminished significantly in our county. Broward reported 13 deaths after 4 days of none, probably reflecting catch up. All in all I, unlike the MSM, conclude no drastic upswing in this parameter as yet, still consistent with a flat curve (relative to the population) with mild inflection upward for sure. Significant data points for your review: death rate still plummeting in Broward (1.29). Hospitalizations clearly decreasing in PBC (est. 500-600 range), countywide involvement in Dade calculated to be now 18.0%, just two shy of the low HI percentage of 20.

All in all an excellent report given the continued spike in positive cases. Jeez, any respectful student of this pandemic who omits this dirty case data in his assessment (ergo, not professors, PH officials, MSM) cannot fail to conclude that we are in a slow trend of improvement. If this is the new daily normal, then we are indeed looking very good in the tri-county area. I applaud the B of Ed in PBC for opening classrooms at the end of Aug. So far, so good. _____

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