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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 10/31/2020

Morning update: Limited data today, typical for a weekend with 41 deaths reported (not assigned yet but will all probably be assigned to dates in Oct. ) Positive tests down to 2.3k+. Hospitalizations down a bit in the state and in Dade and PBC. and sl. up in Broward. The overall trend, however, is only slightly upward and is not consistent with a serious spike. General and ICU beds are more plentiful today than yesterday, expected on a weekend. ED/FSED visits with covid symptoms remain at the top of a multiweek range with no breakout yet. All in all there seems to be no stress whatsoever to the hospital and medical facilities due to any new wave. An interesting statistic is that cumulative deaths in Florida are sl. higher in Oct. this year than in Oct. last year, but at a similar percentage to the increased overall deaths noted in Jan. and Feb. before the pandemic. This suggests that most of the increased deaths appear to be due to the higher number of people residing in the state this year, than last and not due to covid anymore. The elevated count of overall deaths appears to have ended in Sept. We'll see if the final counts in Oct. and Nov. for that matter hold the same. All in all, no evidence that the spike in positive testing has resulted in a corresponding spike in M&M. ___


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