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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 11/2/2020

Morning update: No overall change in trend lines with positive tests in the 4-5K range over the past week and hospitalizations increasing slightly and deaths only assigned to Oct. in the range of early April now. Reading between the numbers, we find hospitalizations increasing sl. statewide but basically stable-sl. elevated in the tricounty area over the past week to 10 days. % covid beds statewide est. at 5.5% mainly due to less overall bed usage, but up nonetheless over the past 2 weeks. So the trend for this data point is definitely upward but not to any large degree. Beds are freely available in the tricounty area with no shortages noted. Positive tests remain 2-2.5 times what they were a few weeks ago and unlike the MSM and PH officials, I do believe this is due to school openings with affected kids transmitting to adults, as well as the wide availability statewide of testing with immediate results. A spike of M&M secondary to the increased positive tests has not as yet occurred. Deaths continue to be a mystery (!) with deaths only being assigned to Oct. and perhaps for this reason, this number is as low as April (when deaths were only being assigned to one month anyway). I still do not understand the sudden cessation of deaths being assigned to any but the front month, which started occurring a few weeks ago. I believe the actual daily number may be twice the reported number, which is still a relatively low number anyway!! All in all I see no evidence of a serious fall spike ___


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