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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 10/02/2020

Morning update: Another astonishing day, for me, anyway. Lower number of deaths reported but I must say that perhaps close to half were recorded to our plateau period, last two weeks of July to first week of August. This is truly amazing that these large numbers of deaths are still being recorded for dates close to 2 1/2 months ago!! Much fewer deaths are being recorded to Sept. which portends well for a significant decline in deaths which we'll confirm probably in Nov. (!). Hospitalizations are still coming down statewide, albeit slowly, and are stable in the tricounty area, but low in number. % covid beds stable around 4.5% and positive tests continue around 2.5k per day. Unfortunately, ED data has been shuffled to another web site in the Fl Dept of Health and I cannot find it yet, so nothing there yet. All in all, (with the absence of ED data) I see no evidence of any spike from the reopenings and the state continues to slog through a declining pandemic. As for the President, I was surprised that this hadn't happened sooner. As we carefully watch his day to day progress I am hopeful his experience will mimic that of most Americans who contracted the disease, ie. little to no symptoms. Two negative tests within 24 hours should be all the doctor orders before he can get back to the trail (with a sedative before any debates!!). I hope they monitor his immunoglobulins on a daily basis as well and report that data, to really get an idea as to his progress. While we're all hysterical about mask use or not, the way he contracted the disease seems to mimic the way family members get it, close contact with an affected family member (in this case HH). Mask use in such intimate settings tends to be lax, as in most family gatherings. Hence Melania got it as well. Thus, Biden and the MSM, beating us over the head about masks is like beating a dead horse!! Sorry for the grammar. Obviously the next week will be crucial for the first family and we await the daily briefings on the symptomatology progressions or not. ___

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